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Sing For Water West 2013

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Sing For Water West 2013-b
Sing For Water West 2013-c

Thanks, Colin

Family Reunion 2018

Here are two photos from our lovely family reunion on the 1st December 2018 at Seagoe Hotel in Portadown.
The photo named "(1 of 2)" was taken by me, and then George Murtagh kindly swapped places with me to take the second photo "(2 of 2)".

(These beautiful stairs were well lit, but the lighting wasn't ideal for photography.)

NOTE 1: On Friday 11 January 2019 I slightly revised the 'metadata' in these photos to remove their embedded GPS coordinates and the 'Location' fields.
NOTE 2: On Wednesday 3rd April I added the three superbly photo-shopped versions of these photos by Dick Shaw.

Dick Shaw's craftsmanship can be seen in the "Edit1...", "Edit2..." & "Edit3..." photos. In his "Edit1..." & "Edit2..." Dick very cleverly merged George Murtagh and myself into the respective photos from which we were absent! Then in his "Edit3...", he added Patricia (in party guise :-) ) who hadn't been able to join us on that afternoon. (Plus he made a bonus-edit to add a less grainy rendering of Brenda's face). Thank you Dick!

An Old School Photo

Here at last is my 'rendering' of this old Lisburn Tech College school photograph. (I've added the photo in three different sizes again.) I'll say more in an email soon about the various blemishes that were 'faithfully' reproduced by my camera, as I RE-photographed the rolled-up print.

Photographers Meeting at Hope Village

A few photos from our photographer's meeting at Hope Village, in UK's Derbyshire High Peak district. Most photos have embedded captions, and I've added additional notes to some of them (in parenthesis).

Mangotsfield's 15th Village Festival

From the 15th Mangotsfield Village Festival on Saturday 9th June 2007, hosted by Cleve Rugby Club. Most photos are of the very colourful 2nd Mangotsfield Town Criers Championship, held at the same time.
NOTE: these 'preview' photos are intended for printing no larger than postcard size (6" x 4")

Photographers Meeting at Hastings

Some members of the stockagencyforum had a photographers get-together in beautiful Hastings, in East Sussex, UK. And with thanks to Mick & Liz and Beckie & Mario, we had a mirthful and sociable day :-)

Ellacombe Chimes With Ensemble

A small set of photos of taken during a novel musical occasion at St. Mary's Church in Bitton, Bristol, UK

Family Visit To Bristol Zoo

Here are some photos of the animals and creatures (even a rare human!) that we saw on our visit to Bristol Zoo. Laura chose this as her treat to celebrate her recent birthday. We had a superb day out, and the sun even shone during our al-fresco lunch!

Family Meet-up in Portishead July 2014

I took just these three photos during our lovely rendezvous in July 2014 when Brenda & Desi met with Laura & Martin & myself.

If you choose to download the full-size version of a photo, please see my note beneath each preview-image about a suggested 'proper' filename to use in lieu of the weird names that Fotki gives the "downloaded" full-size photos. (Or ... for posterity, please invent your own filename for the photo to replace Fotki's skewed filename!!).
Thanks, Colin

Sing For Water West 2013 - Buskers

Just one group of buskers who spread the "donate to Water Aid" message during this year's Sing For Water West event in Bristol's Canon's Marsh Amphitheatre.

Sing For Water West 2013-b

A preview set of my photos from the 2013 Sing For Water West event in Canon's Marsh Amphitheatre in Bristol.
On Monday 2nd December 2013 - after Ali's initial YES/NO selections, I've moved the NOT-selected photos from here into the adjacent Album - s4ww13-c (Note the Album suffix '-c').
(To download the larger version (though still a PREVIEW version) of any of these photos, hover your mouse over the small icons at the top-right of each 'previewed' photo ... and the pop-up hint on one of those icons will invite you to "Download original file".)

Sing For Water West 2013 - Collector Helen

Preview-copies for perusal ...
(To download the larger version of these photos, hover your mouse over the icons at the top-right of each 'previewed' photo ... and one of the icons will invite you to "Download original file".)

Sing For Water West 2013 - Drummers

The merry drummers who supported the Sing For Water West / Water Aid event in Bristol's Canon's Marsh Amphitheatre on 6th July 2013

Proposed stone-wall repairs - July/Aug 2013

Showing the collapsed & collapsing state of the stone wall at the rear of our building.
(To download the larger version of these photos, hover your mouse over the icons at the top-right of each 'previewed' photo ... and one of the icons will invite you to "Download original file".)

Life In Our Town - Bakers Dolphin Review

Eighteen photos - offered for review by Bakers Dolphin managers and team - hopefully to be approved for inclusion in Bleadon Photographic Group's "Life In Our Town" project in August-September 2012

Life In Our Town (2012) - BPG Review

Preview / preliminary photos - for review and comment by BPG folks. NOTE that the filenames (aka Titles) in this album are just temporary ones.

Gloria+Roy's 50th

Hello dear folks,
Here's my small set of snaps from our lovely celebration of Roy & Gloria's 50th at Chris & Fran's place.

With the exception (I hope) of the "group" photo (cough cough!), these photos are nothing grand, and are simply additional snapshots from this excellent day :-)

On the group photo - as I'll explain in my emails - I'll be offering high quality prints of that one photo to anyone who wants a copy, and they'll be "done" via a different printing scheme, not from Fotki or PhotoBox.

I invite you to download the FULL-SIZE copies of any of these photos to your own PCs from here, rather than just doing a "click+Save As" on the album-preview pictures. Look for the little icon at the top-right of each photo which hints "Download original file".

To the folks in UK - (while making no assumptions about your wish to buy any of these photos as actual prints!) - if perhaps you would like to order prints of these photos, then PLEASE use my equivalent PhotoBox(UK) album, otherwise you'll pay silly USA-to-UK postage prices, and wait many days for them to arrive!

Love, Colin

BPG Display, Loves Cafe, Weston-super-Mare - as at 23rd Sep 2011

An updated series of snapshots of the pictures we hung between 5:00pm and 8:00pm on Tuesday 6th September 2011 - and some of which we've swopped and added since then.

Bristol's 2007 International Balloon Fiesta

From the 2007 "Discovery Channel" International Balloon Fiesta. Held in the grounds of Ashton Court on the outskirts of Bristol, England. I've now added the last of my photos from this event, and I hope you enjoy them.

Taylor's Bell Foundry

Now known as "Taylors Eayre and Smith Ltd", the John Taylor bell foundry is one of very few bell foundries in the UK, or even in the world. Their web site is at:

British Tractor Challenge 2006

Britain's Guinness Book Record-breaking challenge for the highest number of working tractors assembled in one field. We got 2,141 of them, all chugging together!

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