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Colin & Laura's September 2006 Visit to Wendy
I've just finished the photos from Friday 8th Sept. and I'm now adding photos from our Jasper trip on Monday 11th Sept. I'll send you all an e-mail when I've eventually finished and of course you're welcome to browse in the meantime :-)
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* Bleadon Photographic Group Exhibitions
* Truck Fest, Jul 2007
* Photographers Meeting Hope Village, Oct 2006
* Taylor's Bell Foundry, Jul 2006
* British Tractor Challenge, Jun 2006
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Family Gathering and Holiday in May 2005
From our get-together at The Four Trees Pub in Moira, and other photos from Spain, England and Nor'n Ir'n.
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Some Old Black & White Family Photos
Scanned from trusty old negative film.
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Colin S Pearson
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