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Mangotsfield's 15th Village Festival

From the 15th Mangotsfield Village Festival on Saturday 9th June 2007, hosted by Cleve Rugby Club. Most photos are of the very colourful 2nd Mangotsfield Town Criers Championship, held at the same time.
NOTE: these 'preview' photos are intended for printing no larger than postcard size (6" x 4")

  • Bryn Hall (Private)
    10 years 6 months ago
    Nuneaton and Bedworth's Town Crier Paul Gough Takes A Bow
    You forgot that as your "buddy" during my time in the U.K. with you, on our drinking nights I was the most handsome in the Universe - AND STILL AM.
    Just ask my Aussie wife, Karen
    Keep in touch.
    Bryn Hall
    Pyrenees Shire Town Crier
    Victoria, Australia.
  • 10 years 10 months ago
    Wotton-Under-Edge's Town Crier George Carpenter With His Escort
    Hello !

    I met Mr Carpenter many years ago when I visited Wotton with a group of pupils from my school. We had a partnership with KLB in those days. Carpenter by name and trade as far as I remember - a very nice and friendly gentleman. Would love to see him again.

    Joachim Morlinghaus
    Ferderal Republic of Germany
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